hit me up if you’re african and live in or near philadelphia. Im having an african kickback this saturday

I think its really inspiring when people have inside jokes with themselves. how profound and complex

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you better be coming to afropunk

malik, hun. I lowkey want to but then I highkey dont want to because of all the shit I’ve heard about it. 

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he’s alive! i think he saw us talking about him, tryna set the record straight.

im 100% sure this is what happened. but im glad hes back in my e-life, even if only for a moment

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I’m saying though. Hope all is well your way and that you keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on deck at all times.

I’ve learned from my lessons joshua, thank you. I hope all is well with you too. you deserve the best

lmao smh..

look at this blast from the past.

"be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods." the best advice I’ve ever received.

today I had to go to the computer lab to polish off one of my papers. as I was typing, the keys were sticking to my fingers because the keyboards in the computer lab are dirty and everyone in the world uses them with their nasty asses. later I went to class and saw that one of our classmates brought mandarins for us to eat. I was so hungry, but my fingers were covered in filth. but I was so hungry. the room was small so I couldn’t excuse myself to go to the restroom. and no one had any hand sanitizer. so I grabbed a mandarin, peeled it, and ate it. I could taste the shared viruses gliding down my throat. the mandarin was too good though. I didnt know the definition of mixed emotions until that moment. 

tonight I sneezed in class, literally so loud and show-stopping. and no one blessed me. someone whispered something but didnt make eye contact so… void. 20 ppl in the room. I felt disrespected.

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omg i miss you we need to hang out again

oh I miss you too (probably not as much as you miss me but thats ok.) you can either come to philly and we can ride bikes together or you can wait till I return to houston in december. 

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are you into web series? issa raes First is pretty good. or reruns of girlfriends

wow I definitely do watch reruns of girlfriends, I miss it! and I’ve heard unpleasant things about issa raes first, she lost my trust with that second season of abg but im willing to take her back. you know

Ive been looking for a new show to get into since breaking bad ended and its just not working out. ive been searching, and searching, but all I’ve found is sadness. this must be how all those harry potter fans felt when the last movie came out. I might start watchin the wire, but I dont know if I’m ready for it

you might not be smart or funny or attractive but everyone has the capability to be genuine…

prison break is an extremely overrated show. I get sad whenever I am thoroughly disappointed with overrated shows because I often believe the hype. no one in this life understands me but lauryn hill

pedophilia is a mental illness and there are people in the world that have pedophilic disorder but don’t act on it and these people sometimes seek therapists to help them manage their urges. I never thought about this before but I don’t think I’d be able to help this population. I know its not their decision to be born with this disorder but… I’m not quite there yet in my professional development.