Anonymous asked: is afropunk free, can i just roll up in the park with my goonies?

its been free in the past but it allegedly cost money this year. im not payin shit, im hoppin fences

I’ll be near ny this weekend so I might go to afropunk but if I do i feel like Im going to regret it instantly

yourdaintyshadow replied to your post “im not mad at black ppl who refuse to engage in conversation about…”

fr. my anxiety’s been getting out of hand since this has all escalated.

yeah I cant even articulate my grief. theres just this overwhelming feeling of defeat and helplessness

im not mad at black ppl who refuse to engage in conversation about ferguson as a form of self-care

Anonymous asked: What's the diaspora and the only time I went to Nigeria was in 2008. Chapel is like fellowship. Idk how to explain it

oh ok. disapora is a term that refers to africans/descendants of africans who don’t live on the african continent. so I’m a member of the diaspora because im nigerian but live in america. and I used to go to something called african christian fellowship when I was a kid living in houston but not anymore 

Anonymous asked: Which part of Nigeria are your parents from? Mine are from Abuja and Lagos? Also do you attend chapel?

my mom’s from umuahia and my dad’s from owerri. and that’s dope, abuja is beautiful. where are you currently located, and if youre in the diaspora when did you last go home? & what is chapel? church?

Education about mental illness is scarce.

youre right but once people receive a certain amount of exposure to mental illnesses like depression, ignorance really isn’t a valid excuse. a lot of people don’t want to know better, they dont even try

people really believe that depression is a conscious decision. something that can be eliminated with a good attitude or a series of pep talks. depression is not sadness, or a choice. I don’t understand how so many people are incapable of practicing the most basic form of empathy. it really is amazing

anytime someone throws out the phrase “black on black crime” I stop listening to them. please stop

hit me up if you’re african and live in or near philadelphia. Im having an african kickback this saturday

I think its really inspiring when people have inside jokes with themselves. how profound and complex

vagabondaesthetics replied to your post “be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods.” the…”

you better be coming to afropunk

malik, hun. I lowkey want to but then I highkey dont want to because of all the shit I’ve heard about it. 

essenangstessen replied to your post “theeducatedfieldnegro replied to your post:today I had to go to the…”

he’s alive! i think he saw us talking about him, tryna set the record straight.

im 100% sure this is what happened. but im glad hes back in my e-life, even if only for a moment

theeducatedfieldnegro replied to your post “theeducatedfieldnegro replied to your post:today I had to go to the…”

I’m saying though. Hope all is well your way and that you keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on deck at all times.

I’ve learned from my lessons joshua, thank you. I hope all is well with you too. you deserve the best

lmao smh..

look at this blast from the past.