you should never have to beg someone to view you as worthy of their time. constantly having to pursuade someone to value you is demoralizing. its best to invest that energy into a real relationship

does anybody actually use boost mobile? if you have boost mobile please contact me at your earliest convenience. let me know that you’re out there, let me know that youre real. I need to know.


Babel is Temple University’s poetry collective located in North Philadelphia, PA. The group focuses not only on spoken word but also the advancement of the arts throughout  the city of Philadelphia. Babel consists of young, fresh students who as a group have made considerable growth in the recent year through live performances and hosting free writing workshops.

Join Babel along with Pages Matam, Towson Voices, and Rise Africa next Tuesday, April 22nd, 6:00 pm at Towson University for our free poetry showcase “Shredded Words: Empowerment by the Pen." We hope to see you there!

sevyn streeter is so slept on, it makes no sense. but then again it does make sense cause ppl sleep

I love when black people say “it couldn’ta been me” or “had it been me…” those cautionary phrases.


Jessica Renne 

Singer, Songwriter, Producer 

nigeria recently overtook south africa as the continent’s largest economy but over 50% of the nation’s youth remain unemployed with no indication of improvement on the horizon so what does that mean


[UPCOMING EVENT] Shredded Words: Empowerment by the Pen

Join Rise Africa in collaboration with Towson Voices on April 22nd from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm as we celebrate National Poetry Month featuring Pages Matam and Temple University’s Poetry Collective, Babel.

Poetry has the power to give voice to both individual and group narratives. Through poetry we can narrate our daily struggles, triumphs, and everything in between. As we explore the theme of Superpowers this month, we will highlight the various roles that empowerment plays within our communities.

Pages Matam is an author, spoken word performer, and activist. You may have watched his raw performance in “Piñata" where Pages addresses rape culture. He was born in Cameroon and immigrated to the US at the age of 10, where he currently resides in the DC metropolitan area. He pursued poetry professionally even after the friction it caused for himself and his family. He realized the power of words and hopes that his art can not only entertain, but create healthy and positive dialogue as he stated in his submission to our November Feminism theme.

Babel is Temple University’s poetry collective located in North Philadelphia, PA. The group focuses not only on spoken word, but also the advancement of the arts throughout  the city of Philadelphia. This group of young, fresh Temple students has made considerable growth in the recent year, by doing performances and hosting free writing workshops.

Register for the free event here. Contact for more information about this event. We look forward to seeing you!

If you’re located in the DMV area, I hope you sincerely consider joining us for this event.


diasporic back pain

burden after burden rest on your mother’s shoulders. last night she cried herself to sleep because her only son came home so drunk he pissed himself on his way upstairs. in his eyes she once saw the remnants of what she left back home. those eyes that ran in the family; pride and beauty almond shaped and brown. now she carries sorrow and the sight of him reminds her of her own failures. in a land of opportunity she sought refuge, not knowing her seed would grow in a pool of contempt towards her so called backwardness; her reluctance to assimilate into a world that sees them both as foreigners.

every morning she wakes up with a broom in left hand and regrets on her right. years ago she would’ve never imagined herself like this, scrubbing others’ floors, but it’s what keeps them alive. puts food on the table, sends money back home. sometimes it keeps her mind away from being in a constant state of worry that would’ve eaten her alive. where she’s from there’s no such thing as depression. so she breaks her back to keep her heart from breaking, programming herself to stay busy so she doesn’t sit down and contemplate her lonely life. (read more)

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where do you work cause if you cant get me discounts then I dont see the point of this alleged friendship

do daily affirmations work if you subconsciously believe that you’re lying to yourself? mm, I dont know

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Work in retail, you’ll get asked this twice an hour

I can’t work in retail cause I can’t watch people destroy in 3 seconds what I took 3 hours to organize

I’m waiting for someone to ask me “what are you doing?” so I can answer “minding my business.” but like, nobody cares what I’m doing so like… I feel some typa way. this reminds me of the time I left my phone in my car for a whole weekend and when I checked it I had no notifications, at all. like, nothing.

"we’re gonna get shot" is the default response for white people seeing 3 or more blackies in one spot

in my career counseling class we were talking about the sexism women face in the workplace and one of my classmates managed to bring up how her mom gave her a gender-neutral name so that people wouldn’t automatically dismiss her for higher positions because she was a woman. then she went on to applaud her mother’s foresight by comparing the act to a mother naming her daughter sarah instead of shaniqua because shaniquas typically have really long nails and short resumes. she then looked at her sausage hands and laughed. meanwhile all i could do was gaze into her eyes and see myself doing 25 to life if I listened to the many voices in my head requesting the worst of me