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I liked it when i was there before apart from ppl driving past n playing reggaeton etc at 6 in the morning.

really? interesting. what part were you in? I live in the hood. I mean.. the whole city is the hood but what part were you in

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I should move to Philly

honestly I think you’re a little too bougie for philly but that was cute.

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How ‘bout giving when it’s not an occasion so there’s no rhythm to it. And never give gifts on the expected day. It will confuse them but frees you up! That’s how I am: generous in general but dgaf about stupid days.

mmmmhmmm I like the way you think. I like the way you think. need you as a friendship consultant.

the lack of nigerians in philadelphia is really humbling me. I thought we run the world, but we do not

does anyone else ever think about the commitment of gift giving? it definitely catapults relationships into the next level. pretty intense. cause once you give someone a gift for their birthday or for some holiday, they’re gonna like, expect it every year. and they’re gonna awkwardly force a gift for you, unless your gift was in response to their gift, cause manners. and then it’s like a vicious cycle. cause you cant give someone a gift one year and then not give one to them the next year. theyre gonna think your friendship is declining. this is why I don’t get people presents and also why I have 4 friends

it makes me uncomfortable when people put their mouths directly onto microphones unless its their own personal microphone. I dont eat birthday cake because people spray their hot breath over the icing. I avoid handshakes and awkwardly force waves. I didnt choose this lifestyle. it haunts me daily

every time I talk to my mom she asks me “did you go to church on sunday?” no matter what day of the week it is. she told me she can hear the backsliding in my voice

Anonymous asked: Why did you make a tumblr?

um I don’t remember

in one of my classes we watch videotape every week of each other’s sessions at our respective internships. one of my classmates has a 40 year old black woman from new orleans as her client and my white ass, sheltered ass classmates kept commending her for how she was able to deal with such a “angry,” “aggressive,” and “overbearing” client and I was like “? she’s not mad she’s just talking?” the woman was literally just talking about the death of her mother, her landlord’s negligence to her poor living conditions, and how difficult it is to be a single mother of four. we’re supposed to provide insightful feedback about technique and theory integration and all they could gather was that she was mad and overbearing and “lots to handle.” I really feel bad for black people with white therapists

ugh this is going to be me in the fall

good luck. it’s so painful. try to find the least ignorant one and connect with them as much as you can. if I come up with any other survival techniques in the meantime, I’ll let you know. be safe out there

I really hope this isn’t my life in the coming year. I was one of two black males in my program last year, and the other graduated in May.

omg it’s so dreadful. I hope that isn’t your life either because it makes class almost unbearable

I hate being the only black student in all white classes. all I hear is “whaa whaa whaa baah bwaah…”

Anonymous asked: i've been applying for scholarships for the past two years so that i can join grad school and study mental health psychology but omg every time i get a rejection letter, i don't know how to cope with this. i feel like a failure and i don't want to discuss this with my parents or siblings coz then they will feel bad and partially responsible for not being able to afford the tuition to finance my education. i feel like my time is running out i'm 25 years old already. what should i do?
from what I’ve gathered about the mental health workforce, grad school isn’t as instrumental as these programs would like you to believe. with your bachelor’s degree, you can become certified, in a particular mental health speciality, and get a job with that certification (if employment is your main concern), it’s much cheaper and time-efficient than pursuing a degree. or you can also consider getting your degree online which is also much cheaper than going to on-site institutions. when applying for jobs they serve the same purpose and if you engage with your professors youll probably be able to gain access to just about any source of information that you want. and dont feel like a failure, getting grants and scholarships for grad aschool is extremely scarce and highly competitive. hope this helped and good luck with everything. reach out again if you’d like to talk more

theres a fine line between normalizing someone’s anxiety in an effort to comfort them and dismissing their concerns as trivial. knowing how to appropriately respond to someone in distress is an art

why do people use social media to communicate important messages when they have your number. why do people use social media to tell you to call them when they like have your number, and fingers