i’m starting to hate terms like “european standard of beauty” because people just cling onto these little phrases and become content with their rudimentary understanding of these highly extensive realities and they start talking endlessly without saying much. i’m not a hater though. I just, nevermind

so im gettin a new bicycle next week and I’m really excited about it. probably a vintage cruiser or something of the sort. I haven’t been this excited about something in a long while. god is good. and you might not care but im pretty sure your fucks to give will drastically increase when you see me rollin down a street near you, stuntin. not 100% certain but im pretty sure your interest will skyrocket. 

I get not shaming black people for their assorted attempts of assimilation like skin bleaching and other hateful shit but that doesn’t mean we should excuse those acts in the name of “understanding”


I’m thinking of baby turtle name, I need help

I hate when people purposely do annoying things to me and then try to carry on with normal behavior like nothing happened. please dont do that. its not cute. and chances are you dont know me like that

onesmartblackboy replied to your post: I feel like there’s someone I know in …

don’t worry person, she posts shit like this every so often just because, hoping somebody will slip up and tell on themselves. she blufflin like hell. she has no fuckin’ clue. keep doin you.

ok you’ve offered an anonymous creeper more words of encouragement than you’ve ever offered me in life. just remember that the next time you ask yourself why I treat you the way that I do. #toodles

I hate when people from school try to contaminate other aspects of my life talmbout “do you wanna go to church together?” like nah nigga, gross.

I feel like there’s someone I know in person who secretly follows me on here and even though I don’t disclose much personal information and my personality isn’t much different from my online persona, I just want you to know that I can feel your presence and ew. I know that you’re reading this. I see you.

Anonymous asked: does she know she could get arrested. That is like child porno. Ew

right, but people don’t care! I had to delete it, just wanted to share the absurdity real quick

you should never have to beg someone to view you as worthy of their time. constantly having to pursuade someone to value you is demoralizing. its best to invest that energy into a real relationship

does anybody actually use boost mobile? if you have boost mobile please contact me at your earliest convenience. let me know that you’re out there, let me know that youre real. I need to know.


Babel is Temple University’s poetry collective located in North Philadelphia, PA. The group focuses not only on spoken word but also the advancement of the arts throughout  the city of Philadelphia. Babel consists of young, fresh students who as a group have made considerable growth in the recent year through live performances and hosting free writing workshops.

Join Babel along with Pages Matam, Towson Voices, and Rise Africa next Tuesday, April 22nd, 6:00 pm at Towson University for our free poetry showcase “Shredded Words: Empowerment by the Pen." We hope to see you there!

sevyn streeter is so slept on, it makes no sense. but then again it does make sense cause ppl sleep

I love when black people say “it couldn’ta been me” or “had it been me…” those cautionary phrases.


Jessica Renne 

Singer, Songwriter, Producer